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End-to-end coaching that combines experience and performance

Why consult us ?


For each project of our customers, we strive to understand with precision their communication objectives, the positioning of their brand, and their ambitions, in order to bring them relevant answers, up to their expectations.


Get into the air of communication 2.0 and discover innovative concepts to increase brand awareness and sales. We will push the limits of creativity to make your events unforgettable and unifying.


Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Whatever the size of the company that contacts us (auto-entrepreneur or multinational) or the scope of the project, we will engage with the same involvement and seriousness that we

Some numbers…


Multiply by 15

Multiply your conversion rate from 3 to 15 when influencers share brands content.


5 Million

More than 5 million users follow our influencers on social networks.


80 % of

15-34 year old people connect online every day on social networks


75 % of

consumers trust online reviews posted by other consumers

Our values

Beauregard Agency is above all, a team passionate about cyber marketing that understands the needs of these partners. Recognized for our professionalism, availability and flexibility.
We have built a loyal, solid and trusted network of partners.

We go beyond proposing creative and original concepts, we always strive to know our customers best to be as relevant as possible in our proposals. You are a full player in your project. A real team work.

We establish very precise specifications to satisfy the brands while protecting our influencers. Each project is designed as a whole, closer to our customers, their communication expectations, and their objectives