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More than 60 million users follow our influencers on social networks


15-34 year old people connect online every day on social networks


consumers trust online reviews posted by other consumers

Posts on social networks

Post the message of your choice on the social networks of famous influencers and boost your sales.

Social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) responds to word of mouth in an environment where content is plethoric, and in this context, it is difficult for a brand and a company to stand out. Get the desired visibility.

Showcase your brand, product, application or other, integrating it into their daily newspapers to reach their communities on social networks. Contact us soon for a list of celebrities who work with us.

Brand Ambassador

Promote your brand, your products or your business in a spontaneous or regular way thanks to an ambassador. Enjoy the notoriety of one or more of our celebrities, who will be above all your prescribers, and speak positively about your company or your brand to other consumers.

Our ambassadors are people who are listened to, influential and have a large audience. They are very active on social networks or can also hold a blog that will regularly showcase your products.

By choosing a brand ambassador or a « muse », you will enjoy the support of a highly publicized celebrity who will play an active role in the life and promotion of your brand. The effects and repercussions can be considerable.

Take advantage of their presence during the events you will organize (inauguration, evening, show room etc.) and opt for a long-term collaboration.

Product placement on high audience program

Product placement is now a very common practice in television programs. It integrates brands into consumers ‘favorite audiovisual programs, creating envy and influencing consumers’ buying behavior. It also helps to increase their positive perception of brands.

This communication technique has also developed on Youtube, in the face of the phenomenal increase in the number of views of some videos, which today exceed audiences worthy of the biggest TV channels.

Producing a product placement on this network can be very profitable today in terms of communication and sales repercussions, as well as in music videos, TV series or movies.

We will advise you on the type of investment, its integration into the scenario, and will track all your product investments.